Making Learning Stick

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Making Learning Stick

Barbara Carnes' latest book discusses the latest research on training transfer and what this means to learning and development practitioners.  20 Techniques To Integrate Education (TIEs) provide step-by-step instructions for implementing techniques to increase learning transfer and make it stick, regardless of the topic.  

A New Book Joins Two Classic Bestsellers!


New book on Training Transfer, Making Learning Stick by Barbara Carnes, has the latest research on training transfer and 20 easy and effective Techniques to Integrate Education (TIEs) for training transfer.


"Barbara's book has many new and practical ideas for making training stick.  She continues to impress readers with valuable suggestions." -Donald L. Kirkpatrick


Making Training Stick and The Making Training Stick Field Guide by Barbara Carnes and Dora Johnson each have over 100 pages of ideas and step-by-step instructions to help make YOUR training stick!

"This is excellent work!"
Malcolm Knowles, "Father of Adult Education"


"Barbara's professional approach and solid recommendations have helped us tremendously. I highly recommend this "making training stick" consulting". 
Training Manager, Fortune 500 company.

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