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Dear DiSC and EPIC Customers:

I arrived home from vacation this summer having made a big decision. The time has come for me to reduce my professional activities.

My years as a distributor (now “partner”) with Performax, then Carlson Learning, then Inscape, and now Wiley have been some of the happiest and most fulfilling of my life. I’ve truly enjoyed using these fabulous products as they have evolved, and sharing them with you.

I gave careful thought as to who would be the very best person to take over for me. After careful thought and discussion, I have asked Sharon Wingron, longtime colleague and friend, to be your new Inscape/Wiley, EPIC account distributor, and resource. Sharon’s company Wings of Success has been active for over 10 years, and clients and customers include many companies large and small. Sharon’s sister Cindy provides support for EPIC accounts and her husband Mark handles the accounting. A great team that I am confident will continue to serve you as I have, providing on-the-spot answers to your questions about EPIC, product choices and application questions.

The formal transition will take place October 1. EPIC users do not need to do anything - your account, credits, and stored reports will be transferred automatically. Before and after this time I will be in touch to introduce you to Sharon and her team so you can see for yourself the type of support you can expect to receive from them.

A huge THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for the interesting conversations and thought-provoking discussions we have shared. I plan to continue doing a bit of consulting and academic teaching, spend more time with my new granddaughter, continue my Making Training Stick writing and presentations, and do more travel for fun. I look forward to staying connected with you in these and other ways!

Warm regards,


Barbara Carnes, Ph.D.


icon_disc.jpgInscape Publishing's DiSC model builds on the work of William Moulton Marston, who theorized that human behavior could be studied on a two-axis bipolar model according to people's perception of their work environment as favorable or antagonistic and their perception of being more or less powerful than their environment.

Now there are two types of DiSC assessments:

  • DiSC Classic profiles - most with 28-item response words.  Profile results are shown on graphs.  Traditional, basic, most familiar, solid, multi-purpose, still valid and reliable.
  • Everything DiSC - with 79 item rating choice questions.  Profile results are shown on circles.  Each of these profiles and programs are supported by a topic-specific trainer kit.  These brand new products are state-of-the-art, highly reliable and valid, and yield the most consistent results.


DiSC vs. Myers-Briggs Comparison

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