Resources from Making Training Stick: A Training Transfer Field Guide

The Downloadable forms and graphics below are organized to correspond with the Table of Contents and Section Headers in the Making Training Stick: A Training Transfer Field Guide, Second Edition.  As you look through the book, if you see something you would like to be able to modify and use for your purposes, look at the top of the page and you will find the downloadable resource under that same heading here on this web site.  To download these files, simple right click on the linked title and save to your computer.

Research: Training Transfer Process Diagram

Story: T-Bee, P-Bear and the 'Honey Pot'

Acknowledging:We Caught You Doing Something Right; Three Penny Challenge; Use of Training Certificate; Certificate #2 (not in book); Certificate #3 (not in book); Pat on the Back(pdf); Pat on the Back (jpg); First Prize (jpg); First Prize (pdf); Blue Ribbon (jpg); Blue Ribbon (pdf)

Action Planning: Goal/Buddy Card; Sample Action Plan; Target Your Own Objectives; Target Individual Objectives/Outcomes; Report Card #1; Report Card #2; AHA! Worksheet

Affirmations: Affirmation Card; Affirmation Worksheet

Board GameGame Board and Instructions for Player A & Player B

Coaching: Coaching Pre-Contract Worksheet; Participant's Pre-Contract Coaching Worksheet; Coaching Contract

Coloring Book: Coloring Book Graphics

Contracts: Participant Learning Contract; Supervisor Contract; Contract Based on Program Outcomes and Their Priority

Critical Incidents: Incident Report Form; Training Topic: Delegating Work

Exercises: Three-Minute Self-Help Drill; Follow Through Activities

Letter to Self:

Questionnaires: Pre-Training Skills Identification Questionnaire; 3 Questions Activity; Skills Pre-Assessment; Transfer Interview Sample Questions

The Ziegarnik Effect: Essential Question Worksheet

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