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Make Training Stick®!

Almost half of what people learn in training never gets used on the job. What's a trainer and HR professional to do? Barbara's energetic and engaging style will help the audience understand in new ways how they can make a difference with trainees and how they can help trainees use what they learn in training. And isn't that the point? Barbara will share practical techniques to use before, during and after internal or external training that will boost transferability of the learning back to the job.

Make E-Learning Stick™!

Participants take e-learning classes, but how much do they remember and use on the job? E-learning designers, training managers, HR and other learning and development professionals need to learn proven techniques to help their training stick back on the job where it really counts. Barbara's energetic and engaging presentation will help you see ways to incorporate proven methods for training transfer into new and existing e-learning modules.

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