Train-the-Trainer: Professional Skill Development


New or experienced, part-time or full-time trainers will learn targeted skills to help them develop skills in:

  • Developing and using two types of instructional objectives
  • Adult learning methods and techniques
  • Designing effective training modules
  • Facilitating stimulating discussions – in face-to-face and virtual classrooms
  • Developing and using PowerPoint and other visual aids
  • Dealing with difficult trainees
  • Locating and sourcing support materials
  • Presentation skills

Trainers will learn practical techniques they can begin using immediately, with any topic or mode of delivery:  e-learning, virtual web-based learning, and/or face-to-face training. 

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Suggested content – can be delivered in a variety of formats (half-days, full days, virtually, etc.):

Adult learning

  • Characteristics of adult learners in the workplace
  • Methods and techniques for helping adults learn

Two types of instructional objectives: how to write each

  • Objectives for designing training
  • Communication tools for trainees, managers, and other stakeholders

Sourcing training materials – don’t do it all yourself

  • Web-based tools and search terms
  • How to identify what you’re looking for

Making training stick:  the process before, during, and after
•    Techniques and strategies for supporting transfer of training to the job
•    Effective training evaluation: levels 1, 2, and 3

•    Developing  and facilitating questions and discussions – Socrates was right
o    How to develop engaging questions
o    First-rate facilitation – how to engage everybody in the class

•    Using visuals in training:  why and how
•    PowerPoint – death or resurrection?
•    Projecting your computer screen – when to do it, when not to
•    Fabulous flip charts

Presentation skills
•    Presenting materials so they stay awake
•    Vocal variety tips
•    Nonverbals to support points
•    Breaking up lectures and presentations with activities
•    Presentation and discussion practice and feedback

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