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Making Training Stick®: Practical Techniques for Trainers

Trainers often focus on designing and delivering effective training and don’t really know how much of it “sticks”.  This participative workshop provides valuable information about which training methods support learning transfer to “real life”, and what can be done to increase it.  You will learn practical, low-cost, easy-to-use techniques that you can begin using right away to increase the transfer of your training, so participants use more of what they learn.  Bring an outline of current, new, or planned training, and add research-tested techniques and enhancements right in the workshop that will make more of your training stick.

At the conclusion of the training, you will be able to:

•    Identify and describe why some training sticks, and other training doesn’t
•    Recap current research and trends in the field of learning and development
•    Pinpoint at least 3-5 techniques to increase training transfer that you can begin using in your training
•    Develop a training transfer action plan specifically for your training

Brief outline of the workshop:

I.  Introduction and overview
•    Why some training doesn’t stick
•    Summary of what researchers know – and don’t know – about training transfer

II.  15 + TIEs (Techinques To Integrate Education)
•    Step-by-step instructions
•    Practical, easy-to-use techniques to use with any training topic and participant group
•    Demonstrations and discussions

III.  Application
•    Choose TIEs to use in your new, existing, or planned
training (classroom, e-learning, or webinar)
•    Add TIEs to training design/outline you bring with you

IV. Feedback and input
•    Suggestions for variations, other ideas
•    Valuable feedback

V.  Summary, wrap-up, additional thoughts and ideas
•    What other trainers have done
•    How TIEs have made a difference


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