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Signature Series for Supervisors

These skill-based training sessions feature important skills every supervisor – new or experienced – needs to know. Each training topic listed can be used separately or as part of a series. The classroom and blended learning sessions feature interactive activities, videos, and small group discussion.

In the Loop – Communication Skills for Today’s Leaders
•  Basic communication skills of listening, giving feedback, and conveying information
•  How to use active listening to build trust and understanding
•  New tools to understand hidden meanings and psychological undertones
•  How to give feedback without demoralizing workers
•  How to convey information and instructions

Leadership/Management Styles
•  Self-assessment of leadership style 
•  How to work with and manage different styles
•  How to improve communication and reduce conflict

Managing In A Changing World
•  America’s changing workplaces, and workforces
•  How supervisors can manage resistance to change
•  Three stages of change and how to handle each of them

Managing Conflict
•  Recognize symptoms and sources of conflict
•  Strategies for dealing with irate/hostile employees
•  Techniques to resolve or reduce conflict
•  How to help others resolve their conflicts

Managing Employee Performance
•  How to set reasonable, measurable performance expectations
•  Conducting the performance appraisal meeting: tips and techniques
•  Managing performance throughout the year with feedback and coaching
•  Documenting discipline and using the disciplinary process

Building and Developing Effective Teams
•  Five characteristics of effective teams
•  Team effectiveness questionnaire
•  How to lead high performance teams

Managing Time and Priorities
•  Self-assessment of 8 time management strengths and areas to improve
•  How setting goals and objectives reduces time waste
•  Interruptions and procrastination : how to overcome the biggest timewasters


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