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Train-the-trainer – for New Trainers

After completing this series, participants should be able to develop and present instruction on a topic of their choice, demonstrating application of the following:

•    Sound adult learning theory and practice
•    Appropriate instructional objectives
•    Instructional design consistent with guidelines presented in this series
•    Transfer and application strategies consistent with the training topic and environment
•    Development of evaluation questions to assess participants’ satisfaction, learning, and application of the training content
•    Development of visual aids using PowerPoint, chart paper, and/or other tools appropriate for the training content
•    Presentation skills including vocal and non-verbal variety and use of visual aids

Content includes:
•    How adults learn and how it’s different from how children learn
•    Three types of objectives: how to write each
•    Effective training design for short topics
•    Sourcing training course and materials
•    Tips for adapting existing training materials
•    Making training stick:  the process before, during, and after
•    Techniques and strategies for supporting transfer of training to the job
•    Effective training evaluation: levels 1, 2, and 3 
•    Developing questions and discussions – Socrates was right
•    Conducting discussions – when to say something and when not to
•    Using visuals in training:  why and how
•    PowerPoint – death or resurrection?
•    Fabulous flip charts
•    Presenting material so they stay awake
•    Presentation and discussion practice and feedback


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